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Bilal Tahir ::: National Deaf Squash Champion's Profile

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

From Left: Bilal Atiq & Anam Rafiq (Runner-ups) From Right: Balil Tahir & Aliya Sarfraz (Winners) with Muhammad Usman (Secretary of PDSA)

Bilal Tahir (born 24th July 1988, Lahore) is the new, talented & young Deaf Squash Legend. Since establish of Pakistan Deaf Squash Association in 2005 he is winning his almost all clashes with other deaf squash players. He only lost his temperament in 3rd National Deaf Squash Championship when he was exhausted suitable to May’s over heating.

In 2005, Pakistan Deaf Squash Association has organized 01st Lahore Deaf Squash Championship at Punjab Squash Complex, Old Club Road, Lahore. At this time 16 players have show their courage in that tournament. Bilal Tahir blasted all of them by thrilling spirit and reaches in final where his counterpart Bilal Atiq was already waiting for him. In final game, he thrashed strongly Bilal Atiq and claimed the first major title; without doubt he was rises after this championship.

After that championship Pakistan Deaf Squash Association launched 1st National Deaf Squash Championship at same venue. In initial championship 32 players from several districts have register their names to start a new era. Championship was passionately sponsored by Bank AlFalah Ltd. Who already sponsored so many sports in Pakistan with positive passion;

In finals, once again, both Bilals (Bilal Tahir & Bilal Atiq) reaches in finals by their strong strength out of 30 players demolished after face them. Here again Bilal Tahir thrashed Bilal Atiq and claim is second major and first national level title. Bilal Atiq was failed to show his strength here again as he has an over one hour long game in semifinals which tired him a lot. Bilal Tahir were fresh as he defeats his semifinal’s opponent in just 30 mints.

In second edition of National Deaf Squash Championship, at same venue; again 32 players have reported their entries. Pakistan Deaf Squash Association thanks to Bank AlFalah who supports this Championship just once. After a three years period, all the deaf squash players were looking too much strong. As the qualifying matches were too much tough and no one can believe that Bilals can get access in finals. But hard working Bilals once report their names in final stage by thrashing there semifinals opponents Mohammad Saleem Malik & Sajid Nawaz by thrilling scores.

Final match between Bilals was again tough, the spectators have been divided in two parts one was supporting Bilal Atiq and second was in favor of Bilal Tahir. In a hot summer day of May Bilal Tahir again refuses to surrender in front of Bilal Atiq. He again claimed his second National Deaf Squash Title and become in top ranking of deaf squash players in Pakistan.

On third edition of National Deaf Squash Championship, Bilal Tahir bulldozed each of his counterparts but he fails to demolish Bilal Atiq in final. The game was really tough and both have fought hard to earn each point, and game was going on sixth set. At last Bilal Tahir lost his stamina and first time he lost his title with Bilal Atiq. But this was not the end of his empire. He comes back in fourth and fifth edition with title holder position after beating Bilal Atiq. Some times he faces hard opponents like Mohammad Saleem Malik and Sajid Nawaz. Both have enough stamina and they have showed their strength but they always fails to beat Bilal Atiq and Bilal Tahir.

“I personally know that where Saleem Malik and Sajid Nawaz are measured, I always use these positions to beat them otherwise they are not easy rivals”. Said Bilal Tahir

“In new upcoming players, I am impressed with Wasif Faizan, the youngster, who is eager to play squash in battling mode. He is not easy challenger to punch. I think he will go so far in squash if he continues his enthusiasm with racquet. He is young; a little coaching could give him a boast. I sincerely counsel to Pakistan Deaf Squash Association that this young player can be future asset so have to care about it”. Said Bilal Tahir

In the last world deaf squash championship’s final match defending championship Philip Thomas (Newbury, England) started slowly against David Thompson (Scotland), losing the first game to the Scot. But then he showed why he was the former World Deaf Squash Champion, dropping only two points as he went on to complete a remarkable trio of victories in an 8-10, 9-0, 9-1, 9-1 score line.

“I am really in fear with Philip Thomas as he is very much dangerous player who thrashed David Thompson in final marathon. This score line is just showing his power. I have to do something to face Philip Thomas” said Bilal Tahir.

Dr. Khalid Jamil Akhtar praise Bilal Tahir. I know him since first Lahore deaf squash tournament. In every next tournament he comes in new shape with new spirit which answer has to be found yet. None of other players have same qualities like him. I believe that if Pakistan Deaf Squash team reached in New Zealand to participate in 05th World Deaf Squash Championship (Auckland) then at least Silver Medal could be ours. But further on, I am also thinking about Gold as we have Ms. Aliya Sarfraz, she is rapid and intelligent girl, who is in PSF’s top ten ranking in national level. She can bring Gold Medal throughout her experience.

“Pakistan Deaf Squash Team will fly for New Zealand on 02nd October 2010. Selection approval has been granted by Punjab Squash Association under Pakistan Squash Federation’s guidelines. Team has two boys and one girl, team officials will be two. Our preparations are going fast as we can’t afford to miss this World Deaf Squash Championship because we already missed out two”. Said Dr. Khalid”



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