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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pakistan Deaf Squash News:

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All Pakistan deaf Squash gets underway: -

The 4TH All Pakistan Deaf Squash Championship (Boys Category) began here at Punjab Squash Complex on Monday 18 May 2009. The events began after a opening ceremony performed by Dr Khalid Jamil Akhtar, President of Pakistan Deaf Squash Association, who was the chief guest. On the first day qualification, first and second round were played. The quarter-final matches will start at 1000 hours on May 19 (today) at the same venue.
The Results:

Qualification Round:

Arbab Tahir (Lahore) beat Abdullah Junaid (Lahore) by 11/7,5/11,12/10
Usman Sikandar (Lahore) beat Jamshid Ch. (Lahore) by 11/3,11/4
Nadeem Akhtar (Lahore) beat Umer Taj (Lahore) by 11/5,11/6
Abul Rashid (Sahiwal) beat Shahab-uddin (Sargodha) by 11/7,11/7
M. Shakil (Multan) beat M. Abbas (Sahiwal) by 11/5,11/4
Salman Jutt (Chichawatni) beat Sohail Ahmed (Sialkot) by 11/3,11/6
Shafqat Rashid (Kasur) beat Zahid Moid (Multan) by 11/4,11/5
Zeshan Saif (Mardan) beat Ijaz Ahmed (Faisalabad) by 11/7,11/8

1ST Round
Bilal Tahir (Lahore) beat Arbab Tahir (Lahore) by 11/5,11/4
Ali Raza (Lahore) beat M. Umer Baig (Lahore) by 11/5,11/6
Asif Ashan (Lahore) beat Khurram Shehzad (Lahore) by 11/1,11/2
Wasif Faizan (Lahore) beat Umer Jaj (Lahore) by 11/4,11/1
Ali Khalid (Lahore) beat Zeshan (Mardan) by 12/10,11/8
Shafiq Qadir (Lahore) beat M. Ramzan (Lahore) by 11/4,11/8
M. Nauman (Lahore) beat Irfan Ali (Lahore) by 11/5,11/6
Sajid Nawaz (Lahore) beat Abdul Rashid (Sahiwal) by 11/2,11/2
M. Saleem Malik (Lahore) beat M. Shakeel (Multan) by 11/4,11/3
M. Ali Sasdat (Lahore) beat Hamid Ali (Lahore) by 11/4,11/4
Khurram Kamal (Lahore) beat Awais Yousaf (Lahore) by 11/4,11/4
Nasir Ali (Lahore) beat Salamat Jutt (Chichawatni) by 11/3,11/4
Shafqat Rashid (Kasur) beat M. Arif (Lahore) by 11/4,11/6
M. Omer Khalid (Lahore) beat Kashif Khan (Lahore) by 11/3,11/1
Zubair Karafat (Lahore) beat Hamid Ali (Lahore) by 11/5,11/7
Bilal Attiq (Lahore) beat Jamshed Ch. (Lahore) by 11/3,11/7

2ND Round
Bilal Tahir (Lahore) beat Ali Raza (Lahore) by 11/1,11/2
Wasif Faizan (Lahore) beat Asif Ashan (Lahore) by 11/4,11/1
Ali Khalid (Lahore) beat Shafiq Qadir (Lahore) by 11/6,11/5
Sajid Nawaz (Lahore) beat M. Nauman (Lahore) by 11/1,11/6
M. Saleem Malik (Lahore) beat M. Ali Saadat (Lahore) by 11/5,11/3
Nasir Ali (Lahore) beat Khurram Kamal (Lahore) by 11/4,11/6
Omer Khalid (Lahore) beat Shafqat Rashid (Kasur) by 11/5,11/4
Bilal Attiq (Lahore) beat Zubair Karafat (Lahore) by 11/9,11/3

3rd Round:

Bilal Tahir and Bilal Attiq reached the final of 4th National Deaf Squash Championship after winning their respective last-four matches here on Tuesday at Punjab Squash Association Complex. Bilal Tahir (Lahore) took 25 minutes to topple his pre-final opponent Sajid Nawaz (Lahore) in a four-set encounter recording a 13-11, 11-2, 11-13, 11-3 win.

Bilal to face Bilal in squash final ...
Meanwhile, Bilal Attiq (Lahore) also registered an identical 3/1 win over M. Saleem Malik (Lahore) by a 11-3, 6-11, 11-4, 11-7 score-line to secure his berth in the final. The two Bilals will face up in the final at the same venue on 20th May 2009.

Quarter-Final Results:
Bilal Tahir (Lahore) bt Wasif Faizan (Lahore) by 11-6, 11-8, 14-12
Sajid Nawaz (Lahore) bt Ali Khalid (Lahore) by 11-6, 11-5, 11-2
M. Saleem Malik (Lahore) bt Nasir Ali (Lahore) by 11-2, 11-3,11-4
Bilal Attiq (Lahore) bt M. Omer Khalid by 11-3, 11-5, 11-3

Bilal Tahir (Lahore) bt Sajid Nawaz (Lahore) 13-11, 11-2, 11-13, 11-3;
Bilal Attiq (Lahore) bt M. Saleem Malik (Lahore) 11-3, 6-11, 11-4, 11-7

In a hardest Final Game on 20th May 2009 during a hot summer day Bilal Tahir Beat Bilal Attiq and claimed his 3rd Winning Trophy in National Deaf Squash Championship's History. The match was really tough. On a stage Bilal Attiq was ahead and he was just few points away from victory, but tired Bilal Tahir make a comeback and create history of his victory.

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